Iron on Labels

Iron on Name Labels Personalised School Uniform Clothing Tags Waterproof Tags


Pre-cut iron on lables with rounded corners Ideal for naming Schoolwear & Sportswear.


Size 45mm/12mm



  1. Who uses name labels? Name label care commonly used to identify school uniform and clothing for those in residential care as well as children going to camp. The uses are endless, having clothing named (for adults or children) makes it easy to identify what belongs to who.


  1. Are name labels required for schools who do not have a school uniform Any clothing or property taken to school can easily be lost. If you don’t want to risk losing your child’s clothing and property.


  1. What is the material made of, it looks like paper? The material is a woven, porous, “nylon-like” material. When printed the ink is thermally introduced into the material, a similar process to tattooing human skin. Like a tattoo the ink will not fade or wash off

  Please follow the instruction on the back of your labels, or just check in our pictures. After you attach your labels, please be sure that your washing its not be set for more than 40 degrees.

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How to Apply

Iron on Name Labels              Iron on Label Unique                       Disney  Iron on Labels


 Iron-on-Name-Labels-Personalised-School-Uniform-Clothing-Tags-Waterproof-TagsPersonalised-Iron-on-School-Label-Unique-Uniform-Label-Name-Tag-Home-Waterproof     Disney-Personalised-Iron-on-School-Uniform-Labels-Name-Tag-Care-Home-Waterproof

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